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Silly Goats

Goats are one of the funniest farm animals, especially the babies.

Our goats are playful and love to run up and down their slide. They are full of personality and love to spend time with people. Our youngest, Rylan is the one who gives the goats hay and feed daily. She loves them and is always updating us about their latest tricks and games.

A few months ago we all went to the goat barn to watch our son Blake’s goat deliver triplets. Blake and Rylan are best buds. We could tell that Luna was in labor so Blake and Rylan decided they would set up a table with snacks and drinks to keep watch. They even grabbed some binoculars to give Luna her space and not stress her out.

She started to push late at night so were all gathered around with lights to make sure momma did well. She delivered 3 healthy goats! Blake named them Steve, Peggy, and Bucky as he is a Captain America fan.

It’s amazing the simple joys that are added to our life by nurturing animals and watching the circle of life! I know I will cherish the memory of Blake and Rylan’s look out for life. It was just so cute and precious.

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