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Striving for More

One lesson Jason and I are always working to instill in our kids is to reach for more. Life is a journey and we have the ability to grow and learn daily while enjoying our journey. We want our kids to wake up each day, realizing they have the power to go all in and make their day great. Life is often times unpredictable, we can’t control the circumstances that are thrown at us, but we always have the ability to control how we respond.

Working cattle together, has taught us numerous lessons. It is a task that requires us to work together and think quickly. We each have an important role that we play on cattle working day. Sometimes it is quite literally a stinky job but we realize it is necessary to provide the proper care for our cattle. It seems that there is always one stubborn cow that does not want to follow the herd our bull Goliath is worse than a two year old toddler when we have to give him his wormer. Every time that he comes through the shoot Jason has to work extra hard for him to take his dose of wormer.

Yes, even on the days we have to muck through we expect our kids to go all in and find the joy in their day. This is something we accomplish by laughing, singing, and just taking deep breaths of the fresh Florida air. We do it together and when it is all said and done we usually reflect on our triumphs and maybe where we fell a little short. Our youngest, Rylan is always sure to get us laughing.


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