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Planting Roots

We decided to move to Cypress Creek Ranch in 2018 to live a simpler life and farm together as a family. We lived on a small farm in Plant City and we loved it. Our kids flourished in a farm environment, but we wanted more. Our dream was to immerse ourselves into farm life and cultivate a ranch that could be lived on for generations.

Farming for us, has become a way of life. It’s a way for us to work together as a family, participate in wholesome activities, and create a strong work ethic. Living and farming Cypress Creek Ranch has been a dream come true. When the kids are not in school you can find them outside playing ball, fishing at the pond, riding their bikes, tending to our animals, working in our garden, or even building something.

We cherish our time together. Our family has spent countless hours  working our cattle, grooming our horses, training goats, or just hanging out under our pecan trees by the fire pit.

Cypress Creek Ranch is our safe haven, it’s where we love to be. It is where we have planted our roots.


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